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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent brow tattoo that is done with a handheld tool, and a tiny blade consisting of a dozen micro needles, hence the term ‘microblade’. This technique is performed without a machine or tattoo gun. Pigment is applied into the skin with each stroke of the blade, by cutting fine lines into the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin.  This technique gives the appearance of crisp, natural looking hair strokes. Microblading is a gentler, softer looking alternative to traditional permanent makeup. The color is implanted closer to the surface of the skin, and the strokes appear natural and hair-like.  Microblading gives a very natural, soft effect to the brows. It will not give you the bolder look of makeup or the look of brow pencil or filler on your brows.  You are topically numbed during the process, and should feel very little discomfort. The effects last approximately 18 months, after which the pigment fades and leaves the skin.  Yearly touch-ups are recommended to keep them looking fresh and pigmented. 

Jennifer, a long-standing esthetician at Sachs Day Spa, will be performing the service. She is known for her attention to detail, and her love of beautiful brows. She has a loyal following of consistent brow clients, and was looking for a better way to fill-in and add back some of the shape her clients had lost. When she learned and then saw what microblading could achieve, she knew she had to learn this new technique! She flew to Salt Lake City to learn from a highly accredited academy, and has put in countless hours since to hone her craft. You can find all of Jennifer’s before and after pictures on Instagram: @microbladingbyjenn or by searching the hashtag: #microbladingbyjenn as well.

Microblading appointment: 3 hours, $550, (includes touchup after 4-6weeks)

Jennifer will be performing these services every Monday, and Sundays by request

Who is Microblading good for?

* Those dealing with over-plucked, uneven, or sparse brows

* People who don’t want to spend time applying makeup

 *People who enjoy sports, swimming, or outdoor activities

* Those suffering from alopecia, have undergone chemo, or a medical treatment where hair loss occurs

* Those suffering from bad eyesight and have trouble applying makeup

* Those who just don’t like the ‘made-up’ look and want to look great in no time




Please be aware that there are a few weeks of downtime after your appointment.  You will have to avoid getting them wet with either water or sweat for 2 weeks. Meaning you must be careful while showering and will want to take a break from working out, while your brows are healing. This will ensure that the pigment heals well and that no infection occurs.

Please be aware that we cannot perform microblading if:

* You are pregnant or nursing

* You are on blood-thinners

* Have diabetes

* Are undergoing chemotherapy

* Have a viral infection or disease

* Are epileptic

* Have skin irritations, eczema, psoriasis or active acne near the brows

* Have had botox in the last 2 weeks

* Took Accutane within the last year

* Have had an MRI within the last 2 weeks

Suggestions before the procedure:

* Botox should be given 3 weeks before or after this procedure

* No chemical peels 60 days before or 60 days after

* No retinols/Retin-A’s for 10 days prior

* Do not have a tanned or sunburned face

* Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vit E, Omega-3, Fish Oils, or Ibuprofen 24 hours before

* No waxing or tinting 3 days before

* You must be off Accutane for at least a year







Most important:

*For the first day, every hour after the procedure, use the bottle of water provided and dampen a cotton round provided and very gently wipe the brows. Then using the Q-Tips provided, apply a thin layer of the cream provided (you shouldn’t see any white color on the brows, if you do, it’s not thin enough). Do this every hour until you go to bed. *Brows will appear darker and bolder for the next few days… do not freak out! They will lighten up after the first 10 days.

*From day 2- day10, apply a thin layer of cream with either a Q-Tip or just washed hands, to the brows about 4 times a day. (To make it easy, try and follow the routine of: when you get up, at lunch, at dinner and before bed). You will no longer be using the water and cotton rounds after the first day.

*Never rush the healing process!! Do not scrub, rub or pick at the scabs at all, allow them to flake off and heal on their own. If they are removed before they are ready it can pull pigment off with them.


* Do not get the brows wet for the first 14 days (with the exception of the first day, wiping them down as described above). After day 11 you may be ok to very gently rinse the brows or be a little less careful in the shower, but until the wounds have healed they need to stay dry. This is to prevent infection.

*Do not put anything but the cream provided on them for 14 days. This means no makeup, skincare products, sunscreen or lotions of any kind.

*Do not sweat for 14 days, this is a hard one I know, but body heat expands the pores, and sweat has salt in it, which can fade, blur or cause the pigment to not take correctly.

*Just a few more things: Stay out of the sun, no retinols (Retina-A) or glycolics on the brows during or after the healing process, try not to sleep on your face for 10 days afterwards, and only touch them with just washed hands.

*Failure to follow after-care instructions may result in infection, pigment loss or discoloration


TOUCH-UP: We will schedule your touch-up appointment before you leave today. The cost of the brows also includes one touch up after 4-6 weeks. It is recommended to get yearly touch-ups to keep your brows looking their best!







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